Custom Banners

Thank you for your interest in our Banners.

We produce FULL COLOR indoor/outdoor banners.
 up to 4 feet wide and ANY Length

These banners are weatherproof ,
 have mounting grommets every 2 feet.
and can be used inside or outside

They are printed on 13 oz material in full color
including Text, Graphics, and PHOTOS!

Minimum order is $20.00 per design.

Pricing does not include design.

However, there is no design cost for 
simple banners like the sample banner shown here.

Our design service is very affordable
 and is based on your needs.

If you need help in designing your banner,
email us at sales@25kids.com us or
call 419-853-7002 for help.


is $2.25 per square foot.

To figure how many square feet your banner is, just multiply the
height in feet times
the length in feet then multiply that number by

$2.25 to get the total price.

EXAMPLE:  3 feet high by 10 feet long

3 X10 = 30
30 X $2.25 = $67.5


We also offer quantity pricing if you need many banners.

To order your banner, click


We also produce vinyl stickers and life size standups.