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Traffic Control Standups.
(as seen on TV)

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Our Family X 2

Soldier is the Cutout.

Which one is real. We forget!

Hey Big Guy

12 ft Lady Liberty

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Welcome to
25Kids.com and Mike's Sign Factory!

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We produce CUSTOM LIFE SIZE standups. 

We have the
best prices and best quality on the net.

Because we make so many standups, 
we don't have to overcharge our customers.

Other companies make standups from cardboard.

Our standups are made from 
plastic and vinyl and are weatherproof!


 We'll be happy to talk to you
about your idea or special project

NO crabby or pushy sales people here.
We are a FAMILY business!

Please email your questions to us at 

or call 330-416-5873.
Mon-Fri  9am-5pm Eastern

We make CUSTOM life size standups of children, adults, pets, objects,
 (just about anything you can think of) 

Have you seen celebrity standups? 

We make YOU, (or someone you love) a celebrity 
by creating a full color LIFE SIZE reproduction. 

We have been told by our customers 
that we have the best prices on the net. 
Even better, our quality is second to none.

Please bookmark this page right now so you can find us again
 when you have a GREAT idea for someone you

(You'll be GLAD you did.)

You may have seen one of our life size
  standups or learned about them on the news

We have been honored to have our standups featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX 
YAHOO, People Magazine, Reader's Digest, and other radio and TV programs.

These beautiful reproductions are one of the most attention getting displays around today.

Which one above is the real person? 

The truth is they are all life size reproductions.

The kids above look so real, you have to study to 
realize that they are actually full size color reproductions.

    Many call these cardboard cutouts

However, they are printed with 
full color outdoor ink on a plastic substrate  
to make them weatherproof for YEARS. 
(yes, you can leave them out in the rain and snow)

   Our standups can be used inside or outside  
and retain their rich, vivid colors for years.

NOTE: We also learned by accident, when one of our standups 
is placed near the street, they can help to slow down speeding cars.
Drivers don't want to take a chance on hitting a child near the road
 or speeding past a deputy with a radar gun
click HERE to learn about our Traffic Control Standups


ü      Full Color
ü      VERY life like

ü      Durable Vinyl and Plastic

ü      Indoor or Outdoor use
ü Custom made JUST for YOU!! 


Custom Standup Pricing:   

    If you wish to get the special pricing shown here before our price increase, you can order now and then send your photo to photos@25kids.com  when available. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before ordering your  CUSTOM standup below, please click HERE for photo requirements. 
Then come back here to order.

CUSTOM (your photo) STANDUPS

(20" high replica
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21 to 36” $59  (reg. $79)
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37 to 48” $69  (reg. $89) 
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49 to 60” $79 (reg. $99)
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61 to 72”  $99 (reg. $109)
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73 to 84" $139 (reg. $169)
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Plus actual shipping costs.

Larger & special sizes
and wall posters also available.  

Perfect for: 

Ø      Weddings
Ø      Anniversaries
Ø      Parents
Ø      Grandparents
Ø      Special Events
Ø      Traffic Control
Ø      Memorials
Ø      Retail Displays


   Standups are great for any sports. 
We can make them from 12" to actual life size. These are a SUPER gift idea for parents and grandparents! They also make a GREAT fund raiser for your favorite organization.

GREAT Ideas: 

v    Children
v     All Sports
v     Boy/Girl Friends
v     Adults
v     Pets
v     Horses
v     Cars / Trucks
v     Motorcycles
v     Planes (scale model)
v     Product Sales Aid
v     Political Signs

DEPUTY Standup

       This photo is an actual 6 ft standup of my son the sheriff deputy. We took this photo while the FOX 8 news crew was here.  
      Put one of these in front of your house and watch what happens to those speeding cars.

PLEASE NOTE: To order a CUSTOM standup (YOUR PHOTO) click HERE.